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Tackling Anxiety and Stress with Hypnotherapy

We all of us feel anxiety and worry from time to time. These are normal and unconscious reactions and can be seen as mind and body working in conjunction to help us adjust to change and confusion. So some stress is necessary in our lives to help us move forward.

However, when stress and worry become excessive or arrive with no apparent reason, our quality of life can become adversely effected, inhibiting our ability to act effectively. Whilst we don’t consciously choose to feel anxious or stressed, we can learn to control such feelings and use them to our advantage.

Over thinking, excessive worrying and stress are often due to unresolved emotional issues and negative or traumatic life experiences and can often impair our ability to carry out simple tasks and making us feel stupid. Rather than looking forward to a Utopian existence that is stress free and worry free, it is more realistic to look at ways of managing these feelings and bringing them to a useful, healthy level which allows us to live a more fulfilling life.

Due to its relaxing nature, hypnotherapy is a particularly effective way of managing and combating stress, anxiety and worry. Hypnotherapy can access the unconscious mind and train mind and body to engender more relaxed reactions and perspectives.

Common symptoms of anxiety and stress:

  • poor sleep patterns, hyper activity, lack of energy
  • dreading social occasions
  • dreading talking to people
  • avoiding important tasks
  • forgetfullness
  • easily angered or irritated
  • poor concentration
  • overly critical of self and others.

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