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Thomas Hepburn Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner.

Based in Glasgow, Hepburn Hypnotherapy offers assistance ( through Hypnosis) in tackling personal issues, particularly anxiety, stress, self esteem, self confidence, obesity, smoking cessation , fears and phobias and helping people rid themselves of negative habits and attitudes. A free face to face consultation is available prior to therapy taking place.
With over eight years experience as an hypnotherapist and having previously worked for over thirty years in Education and Social Services, I have had personal experience of the issues around anxiety, stress, self esteem, obesity and smoking have an informed understanding of the challenges surrounding these issues.
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Tackling Anxiety and Stress with Hypnotherapy

All of us feel anxiety and worry from time to time. For some of us though it is often more than from time to time and can be a recurring or ongoing experience. Anxiety and stress are normal and unconscious reactions to common life events such as bereavement, relationship break ups and difficult work situations and can be seen as mind and body working in conjunction to help us adjust to change and confusion. Some stress is necessary in our lives to help us move forward. In fact stress and anxiety are survival mechanisms which if harnessed properly can help us move forward in life. If life can be seen as a river then anxiety and stress can be seen as stepping stones ( often slippy) that we can use to adjust and move forward.

However, when stress and worry become excessive or sometimes arrive with no apparent reason, our quality of life can become adversely effected, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and in the limbo of the “fight or flight” state, inhibiting our ability to act effectively. Whilst we don’t consciously choose to feel anxious or stressed, it is possible to learn to control such feelings and use them to our advantage.
Having worked for over thirty years in both the Education department and
Social Work services, I am well acquainted with the stresses and strains that come with budget cuts, staff reductions, increasing workloads and ill advised and badly managed reorganisations that seem to be all too common across our caring and other public services.
Over thinking, excessive worrying, anxiety and stress are often due to external factors (outlined above) and sometimes underlying unresolved emotional issues and/or negative or traumatic life experiences and can often impair our ability to carry out simple tasks and making us feel stupid, incompetent or inadequate. However bad our anxiety or stress levels are, rather than looking forward to a Utopian existence that is stress free and worry free, it is more realistic to look at ways of managing these feelings and bringing them to a useful, healthy level which allows us to live a more fulfilling life.

Due to its relaxing nature, Hypnotherapy is a particularly effective way of managing and combating stress, anxiety and worry. Hypnotherapy can access the unconscious mind and train mind and body to engender more relaxed responses ( rather than reactions) and perspectives and increase our capacity to deal with stress in a positive way.

Common symptoms of anxiety and stress:

  • poor sleep patterns, hyper activity, lack of energy
  • dreading social occasions
  • dreading talking to people
  • avoiding important tasks
  • forgetfullness
  • easily angered or irritated
  • poor concentration
  • overly critical of self and others.
  • Constant anxiety and stress may suggest that some of our basic needs are not being met. People will thrive when the following needs are realised.
    1.To give and receive attention.
    2.Body and mind connection, ie healthy exercise , diet and sleep.
    3.Purpose goals and meaning in life.
    4. Community and contribution. This may be being part and contributing to a geographical community (eg local) or communities of interest, ie. hobbies such as sport, dancing etc.
    5.The need for challenge and creativity.
    6.Need for intimacy. This often met with pets but more effectively with a small circle of friends and or relatives.

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Thomas Hepburn Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner.

Based in Glasgow, we offer treatments for many different habits and disorders including help with the elimination of negative habits and dependency. Call us on 0141 423 4163/ 07761285667( or text) or send an email.


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