Confessions of a serial dieter


With Christmas and New Year just a distant memory now, many of us will find our thoughts drifting towards summer…. sunny days, beaches, and ….beach bodies. Some of us will have stuck to our resolutions to lose weight (finally) and stuck to that diet (finally), whilst others will have fallen by the wayside.
It might be strange to think that we are the only species on the planet that actually GO on diets. All other species HAVE diets thats serve them well
Despite this, a quick glance at the press and television will find an enormous choice of diets, many of them celebrity endorsed. I used to get confused with diet advice as one diet would contradict the advice of another and often felt frustrated trying to decide which would be best for me. But let’s stop and think for a minute…suppose diets really did work, there would be a diminishing demand for them and the problem of obesity would be a shrinking one. Many recent studies indicate that diets, in the long term do not work, and can deleterious to our overall health. When normal eating habits are resumed the weight goes back on and the dieter may experience a drop in metabolic rate leaving them more susceptible to weight gain.
I need to tell you that my own personal experience bears this out, but I also have to tell you, these are problems that can be overcome. I know because once I was that serial yo-yo dieter!

As a younger man I found it easy to lose weight, often losing a stone and a half in less than a month (not recommended!!). I tried all the faddy diets of the day, the Scarsdale diet, the cabbage soup diet, the F-Plan diet etc. More then that, I enjoyed the attention and the approbation that came with rapid weight loss.
Despite running marathons at the time, the weight went back on when I resumed my normal eating pattern that had made me overweight in the first place. Part of the problem is that here in the West of Scotland that eating fatty and sugary foods and binge drinking are often considered badges of honour. For me the other part of the problem was that the attention I received on losing weight was a secondary gain. 
I would unconsciously put weight back on secure in the knowledge I could once again become a centre of attention when I subsequently lost it again. Unknown to me at the time, this hinted at a lack of self-esteem and anxiety. I was to later tackle these issues through hypnosis and managed to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle. And developing a health life style with healthy eating and good exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy weight.

In many ways I was fortunate as I did not suffer from the problems that many people experience e.g. procrastination, reluctance to go out or to attend the gym for fear of being judged and putting off clothes shopping as it entails purchasing extra larger sizes causing embarrassment and despair

However, two and a half years and ago at the age of sixty one, I had a minor stroke ( recovered now thankfully!). In the year that followed, I suffered from chronic fatigue reducing my metabolic rate and capacity for exercise and began to put on weight again. I therefore had to develop a life-style that would counteract this and over a period of eighteen months I was successful in doing so and I managed to lose about a stone and a half. So I know from my own experience how difficult weight loss can be but your story could be one of success too. Keith Rutherford, celebrity chef, is on Radio 2 as I write, telling us it is possible to love food and maintain a healthy weight.
There is loads of advice on the net as to what represents a good diet i( the present received wisdom is a Mediterranean type diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein) and the best type of exercise for weight loss and ongoing good health. HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training) is regarded as the way forward these days.

So if you would like to lose weight and want investigate how hypnosis can help and find out more information about myself and how I help people build their success as well as free tips on healthy eating and weight loss, please visit my website . You will also be able read about the HYPNO BAND system….the hypnotic gastric band. Or you could drop me an email at or simply phone me on 01414234163 as I’m always available to chat about how you can improve your life round weight (and other issues you might like to discuss.
Meanwhile, here’s to healthier lifestyles.