Importance of Self Love


Self love is neither an indulgence or narcissistic. Rather it is a deep belief in the worthiness of our own self. For some , it may be more comfortable to talk in terms of self admiration, self appreciation or self esteem.
No matter what term we might use, without self love we may find ourselves indulging in self sabotage, negative or maladaptive behaviours such as over eating, smoking, alcohol dependence and give rise to obesity or phobias, fears and anxiety.
However with self love we are more aware of our worth to others and allows us to foster healthy and respectful personal relationships. Self love can also minimise negative internal dialogue and self image.
Our unconscious mind, is where all our learnings, values and beliefs (and thus our degree of self love) are held. Our unconscious mind will ensure, one way or another, that our conscious actions are in line with our beliefs and values no matter how negative these may be.
Hypnotherapy, among other therapies, has the unique characteristic of accessing the unconscious mind and quieting negative internal dialogues and reframing distorted self beliefs and allow us to learn ourselves and to live more fulfilling and happier lives.