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Thomas Hepburn Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner.

Based in Glasgow, Hepburn Hypnotherapy offers assistance to those working in the caring professions (medical, nursing,social work, social care, teaching) in managing stress and anxiety,as well as self esteem and self confidence and also helping people rid themselves of negative habits and attitudes. A free face to face consultation is available prior to therapy taking place.
With over nine years experience as an hypnotherapist and over thirty years in Education and Social Services and having experienced issues and around stress,anxiety and self esteem as well as obesity and smoking, I understand the challenges and surrounding these issues and am skilled in assisting clients to tackle them.
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Frustrated at work ? Snapping at colleagues or grumpy at home? Procrastinating over simple or must do tasks? Perhaps in pain or chronically ill? Feeling anxious about performance or how others see you? Poor quality sleep? Depressed, withdrawn , dreading the alarm clock going off?


Always feeling hungry? Can’t stop snacking? Can’t stop smoking? Then welcome to HEPBURN HYPNOTHERAPY where we can explore the root cause of what is holding you back from achieving your goals and living a more fulfilling life.

I offer Hypnosis (among other therapies) to clients that enables them to clear up past issues and equips and supports them to make ongoing positive changes.

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Our services include

Hypo-band weight loss

Hypnotherapy has proven effective not only in assisting with losing weight, but with maintaining and stabilising a healthy weight over the long term.

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Stop smoking

Freedom from smoking is achievable through hypnosis, helping you lose your desire for the taste, feel and smell of smoking.

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Target your phobia

Hypnotherapy can be effective in deconditioning phobic conditions, allowing sufferers to live more fulfilling lives.

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Reiki practitioner since 2004

Balance the internal energies system, promoting the body’s inherent natural capacity for healing. Get in touch with Thomas Hepburn Hypnotherapy today on 0141 423 4163 or 07761 285667.

We are based at 281 Kenmure Street, Glasgow G41 2QX
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Thomas Hepburn Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Reiki – harnessing the connection between body and mind.
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